FOUND OBJECT 2 (banksia leaf)

Graphite on Paper
93cm x 127cm
Framed $2200

Found Object 2 (banksia leaf)

The subtle curves of this spiny leaf brushing past a multitude of life in its short time,
One of many fingers reaching out to all in its path,
Making a connection that only some may understand in the full sense,

A short whisk by to an untrained ear and eye could enjoy the fresh air, breeze and simple beauty of strands of life,
As they collect light and create shadow,

But to pause,
And focus on sight and sound,
The world in which this being belongs opens an array of existence beyond comprehension.

Like all life,
It is only borrowed,
Eventually a strong breeze in a change of season will see it fall,
To rest on the Earth under cover of its once magnificent self.

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