Graphite on Paper
325cm x 240cm
Unframed $11,500

Creating a bond with another being has many different forms. I was lucky enough to witness an example of a very special and unique relationship that had a major impact on the way I approached this work.

In a short sitting with Yvonne Zago and her horse, Thunder, I gained a deeper insight into the facets of their bond, both of them showing patience, care and a warm appreciation for each other.

As a tree branch crashed, spooking Thunder, I was quickly reminded of the beast’s strength, feeling the earth tremor under my feet. The unnerving shock as he thrashed around the paddock amplified the importance of trust and how it needs to be properly established to ensure the safety of both parties.

Capturing Thunder at full scale with Graphite on Paper, finding the balance between his strong defined physique and calm gentle nature, was how I chose to represent the fine details that are the crucial foundations for this touching relationship

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